Hey, and welcome. I've been building SaaS apps since 2010, with varying levels of success, from $0 to $58k MRR and an exit.

If you're on your own bootstrapping journey, chances are, I've been where you are. I know the struggles and the challenges, and I'm here to help.

In The SaaS Bootstrapper I share my experiences and what I've learned, and what I'm learning now, to help save you some hard-earned lessons

My goal is to help more people build the business and life they want to build, so they can live the way they want to live.

While I touch on everything from where to start, all the way through an exit, my focus is on the earlier stages: ideation, overall bootstrapping strategies, transitioning from a full-time job, audience building, marketing, and mindset.

I'm @saasmakermac on Twitter/X. DM's are open, so say hey there, or introduce yourself over email.

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