Envisioning a world that I want to inhabit, starts with values.

When I think about what charges me up the most, it's creating connections with others, that share similar values as me, and in relation to my work, it's other founders that share these values.

They're those connections where we support each other at the drop of a hat, check in on each other, cheer each other on; our chosen family.

In designing this world, I've started with defining my core values:

These are intended to be the way I live my life, and while they may change slightly over time, these are what guide how I make decisions. These are values I revisit if I'm questioning a business or life decision.

These values are my north star.

The kind of world I want to create, is one that attracts people that find themselves nodding along as they read these values. They don't need to have they exact same values, nor does it mean they can't have others not listed here. Rather we again consider this our north star.