Of all the reasons to start a business, this isn't one of them

When people ask me why I’ve spent so many years trying to make a living with my own businesses, I used to say I do was doing it for freedom.

But the reality is, that’s a terrible reason to start a business, and it’s not a strong enough driver - especially as a solo SaaS founder.

After all, most startups and SaaS businesses fail. And the ones that don’t often take a massive amount of energy, determination, and time.

Running your own business means you never stop thinking about it. There’s always more to be done. And even if you get to the point of delegation, ultimately everything comes down to you.

While starting a business may result in freedom down the road, there are paths that are much more guaranteed to result in free time, and more choices.

The better, (and only?) reason anyone should start a SaaS business is because it’s in their blood. They refuse to have it any other way. They’ll keep at it until they make it. It’s part of who they are. They don’t really have a choice.

I’ve realized that while I have always craved freedom, I’ve also had the internal drive to keep at it day after day, and year after year, even when there was nothing material to show for it.

When people ask me how I stay motivated working while living and traveling abroad with my family, I say it’s because I love what I do. And this is true. But again, that’s not the driver.

In my mind I may be striving for freedom, but it’s the internal motivation that made it happen. Without it I’d just be another guy with a dream.

So when I hear people asking if they should start a SaaS app, or strike out on their own, or if it’s all worth it, I’m tempted to respond with silence, because the answer is within.

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