The best kind of marketing

The best marketing is not through big media.

It’s when other people talk about your product, be it to their friends, or social media followers, or other audience.

Word of mouth is the best form of sales not only because it’s free, but it persuades people more than any other form of marketing. It creates trust and credibility. It creates personal connections between individuals. And the reach can be exponential, as word of mouth can spread so rapidly in person, and even more so with social media.

Think about the last time you bought something because of an ad you saw. Are you even aware of a time?

What about the last time you bought something because your friends were all buying one or talking about it?

Then think about how you respond to a product that you love. Maybe it was when you got your first iPhone, or played a new game you got obsessed with, or read a book you couldn’t put down. Chances are, you can’t help but talk about it to your friends. And chances are, they’re pretty convinced they ought to try it too.

Make your product so good people can’t resist sharing it.

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