These are the tools I use to run my business which consists of various digital assets, including a newsletter, social media, and SaaS apps.

Content production

My content system is ever-evolving. While everyone has a unique system for creating content, especially across various platforms, Justin Welsh's courses, Content OS, and LinkedIn OS gave me a huge kickstart in getting good systems in place.

I do a lot of my writing verbally using AudioPen to get a first draft out. I love it because aside from being much faster than typing, I can do it on walks which is where most of my good ideas appear.

I organize my content writing schedule and distribution in Google Sheets, and I write in Google Docs. I use Readwise to organize and tag highlights, Kindle highlights, and web pages for future reference in content I plan to write.

To organize my thoughts, I use MindMeister to create mind maps. I also use this to create graphics for social media.

Social Media

I use Hypefury to schedule tweets and LinkedIn posts, as well as Instagram and Facebook posts. Another thing I love about it, over the other tools, is that it can auto-retweet posts after a certain amount of time, and it can auto-plug them after they get a certain amount of engagement, which I use to plug my newsletter on popular tweets.

When I run Twitter DM campaigns I use Hivoe. However, I've also used Drippi (get 25% off your first month +500 bonus credits if you use that link), which is great for its AI capabilities.

I use Aware to engage on LinkedIn at about 10x the speed I otherwise could. It enables me to create custom feeds to focus on the people and content I want to engage with.

Marketing sites, landing pages, testimonials

I build all my websites with Framer. If I'm just creating a quick landing page, I'll use Carrd.

UserSpark is my choice for building viral waiting lists and leaderboards, while SaaSPulse provides daily analytics digests for each of my SaaS apps.

For testimonials, I use on some projects and Senja on others. There's no specific reason I use both, other than trying them out for different projects and keeping it that way.

SaaS and info products

My SaaS apps are hosted either on or Vercel, and all use Stripe.

My info products are sold through Lemon Squeezy. And while I haven’t yet used ThriveCart, I’ll likely be trying it out soon - I hear great things.

Postmark is my go-to for sending emails, and Softr is my favorite tool for building no-code apps. serves as my go-to on-site messaging communication app.

Affiliate programs

For affiliate programs, I use FirstPromoter, though I have used Tapfiliate in the past and liked it too.


For analytics, I use Fathom Analytics and Google Search Console, along with TagParrot to get my sites indexed quickly and ensure all pages remain indexed.

Consulting is my choice for consulting, scheduling, and management

Growth and inspiration

For growth inspiration, I read every issue of Growth in Reverse from beginning to end. Exploding Topics is an excellent resource for discovering trends.

Newsletter publishing

My newsletter, the SaaS bootstrapper is published on beehiiv - hands down the best newsletter publishing platform, in my opinion. And while I use beehiiv, I bought Mastering Convertkit and it changed the way I think about, and approach email marketing, much of which can be applied regardless of what email publishing platform you use.


For music, I use daily, along with Spotify.


The Texts app has been a game-changer for consolidating all my message inboxes, ensuring I don't drop the ball on conversations.


I use Wise as my main account for my business. For accounting I use Quickbooks, and Gusto for payroll.


As far as communities, IndieHackers should be everyone's first stop for finding like-minded people and sharing and reading each other's stories.

MicroConf has two annual conferences that I go to every chance I can pull it off. They also have a Slack community that is highly recommended, though it recently switched to paid.

SmallBets is a course and community accessed with a single lifetime fee that comes with access to countless live courses, and a very active Discord community. This one is well worth the price.

I'm also a member of Trends.VC, which, along with the community, puts out the most amazing in-depth reports about everything you can think of related to online pursuits. I pay the fee each year in a heartbeat just for these reports.


If you’re early on The Mom Test is invaluable for learning how to ask customers the right questions at any stage of the journey, but especially when looking to discover and validate valuable ideas that will sell.

When I recommend one book for people at any stage of their SaaS journey, it’s $100M Offers, by Alex Hormozi. Then the follow-up $100M Leads.

Dotcom Secrets, Expert Secrets, Traffic Secrets are all no-fluff gems.

For artistic inspiration (yes, SaaS bootstrappers are artists!), Steal Like an Artist is a great, quick read. Show Your Work!, by the same author is what helped me really understand the what and why behind building in public.

For general life inspiration, I love everything Derek Sivers writes: Anything You Want, Hell Yeah or No, How to Live.

The Mind Illuminated changed the game for me when it comes to meditation, and creating a consistent practice.