What extinguishes one fire fuels another

November 10, 2023

You know what I love?

Being told I can’t do something, or that something I’m experimenting with won’t work.

You know why?

Because I love a good puzzle, a good challenge. This is the same reason I enjoy coding. I’m in my element when I’m trying to solve a problem.

Also - for better or for worse - I like to prove people wrong.

So when someone expresses a lack of confidence in my path, I can literally feel adrenaline pump through my body. I get excited, and it shoots me to the top of my game.

What extinguishes one person’s fire fuels another.

This is one of the most common and important traits I notice in successful entrepreneurs. Instead of feeling easily defeated, they are quick to rise to the challenge.

What fuels your fire?

What extinguishes it?

How might you shift your perspective here to turn it into fuel?

P.S. I expect many readers may be tempted to gloss over this, but I strongly urge you to spend at least a few minutes on this exercise.

It’s not tactical tips that will get you to where you want to be.

It’s your mindset.

It’s your determination to figure “it” out.

Knowing what fuels you allows you to seek out that fuel. To welcome it.

While knowing what makes you feel defeated is an opportunity to recognize that and find a way to transform it into fuel.

And this, my friend, is what creates greatness.

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