Essential tools and resources for bootstrapped entrepreneurs

Audience Building & Social Media

Aware - With Aware I’m able to engage on LinkedIn at about 5x the speed. My audience there has grown substantially since I started using it. This is the project I’m working on now, but also what I’m using to grow it.

ContentOS and LinkedIn OS - Justin Welsh has grown his audience faster than almost anyone, on LinkedIn, Twitter, and his newsletter. His courses show his systems for generating and repurposing content so you can replicate his success. These courses are some of one of the best investments I made when starting to grow my audience.

Hypefury - I’ve tried a lot of Twitter tools, and I find Hypefury to be the best for growing fast on Twitter. It helps with creating threads, scheduling, and more.

Positioning & Pricing

$100M offers - When I recommend one book for people at just about any stage of their SaaS journey, it’s this one. Just read it :)

The Mom Test - This book is invaluable for learning how to ask customers the right questions at any stage of the journey, but especially when looking to discover and validate valuable ideas that will sell.


Small Bets - Small Bets is actually a course and a community, accessed with a single fee. It’s 100% worth it to help you get in the right mindset for how to approach your business.

MicroConf - MicroConf has two annual conferences (I’ve been to a few of them), and a Slack community - highly recommended.

IndieHackers - If you’re looking to share with and learn from other bootstrappers, IndieHackers should be your first stop. Follow me on there and say hi!

Newsletter publishing

Beehiiv - Hands down the best newsletter publishing platform, and used by yours truly.